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   Gay & Lesbian Couples Counseling in Oakland & Berkeley

Research-Based Gay & Lesbian Couples Counseling in Oakland & the East Bay

You may be frustrated, tired, and stuck. Yet, you don't want to lose this partnership in which you've invested so much ... or lose this person for whom you care so deeply.

There is something you haven't tried.
There is a positive, research-based process
with a therapist who is part of the LGBT community.

This gay and lesbian couples counseling article provides some thoughts on the issues facing East Bay same-sex couples that therapy can help address. Please click gay and lesbian couples counseling services if you're looking for detailed information on same-sex couples services at Center for Stress Reduction in Oakland.

There are many ways in which gay couples counseling can benefit our LGBT community in Oakland, the East Bay and beyond.

  • You may be a gay couple looking to take that hot energy you would find with a new man and direct it toward the man you have.
  • You may be a lesbian couple who has lost that sexual spark and gradually feels more like roommates.
  • You may be a same-sex couple seeking counseling because you're struggling with a frustrating conflict.
  • You may be bisexual and are consulting an out therapist to create authentic roles within your long-term relationship.
  • You may be in gay couples counseling because you want a home and children together but can't possibly do so if your relationship continues with its current problems.

Gay & Lesbian Couples Counseling — Local Support in the Oakland, East Bay Area

Gay couples counseling at Center for Stress Reduction in Oakland is a source of support for gay couples and couples of all gender combinations to talk directly about sexual pleasure and communication. It's a place to find flirtation, care and deep mutual respect within your gay or lesbian relationship — and a way to rediscover the love and affection with which to shower your same-sex partner.

Couples counseling at Center for Stress Reduction in Oakland can also be a means of finding calm and balance during conflict through learning mindfulness and breathing approaches.

Gay and lesbian couples counseling can also help happy couples take their relationship to that next level. That level might be premarital counseling to help plan your same-sex wedding or commitment ceremony. It might be sharing spiritual or mindfulness practices. It might be moving in together, having a child or having another child. It could be that one of you is going through a gender change or transition and you want to see whether you can continue the relationship and how your identity may shift.

Gay Couples Counseling — Navigating Conflict

Conflict can actually be something holy. It means that each person has a deep and sacred desire that wants to be expressed. Often it hasn't been safe enough in your relationship to express it. As Rabbi Nachman of Breslov says, a dispute opens space between you in which the world can be created.

In gay couples counseling sessions at Center for Stress Reduction in Oakland, I will facilitate conversations directly between you and your partner. I'll be watching and giving feedback as needed, like a coach who wants to help you win and succeed. During the same-sex couples counseling sessions, I'll give you pointers on your communication technique, watching you increase your own intimacy and skills.

That means no one will be trying to persuade me that they're "right."

You're talking face-to-face with the person you love, telling them things you may have never said before.

I hope the gay and lesbian couples counseling services at Center for Stress Reduction in Oakland can be a helpful resource for all members of our diverse East Bay LGBT community, including all the unique varieties of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex people.

Services are available in English and Spanish.

If you'd like more information about our Oakland & East Bay same-sex couples counseling services, please call 510-594-8224 or click the following link: couples counseling services.